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GIGA-RACEhas its origin in the passion for design of an enterprising and dynamic boy. His many experiences related to mechanical design encouraged him to question himself. The union between the passion for design and the curiosity for cars have shown the road to the innovation of products to be installed both inside and outside the cars. He often noticed the lack of quality or personality in cars and this inspired his goal: to create quality objects using the most advanced technologies to improve the aesthetics of cars. Day after day, creation after creation, customers have arrived and, most important, have increased more and more. Thanks to the efforts made to keep high the quality level of the solutions, foundations were created to make available his ideas on the market, starting to sell products 4 years ago, focusing mainly on the ebay showcase.

Today GIGA-RACE is a working group specialized in the development of the highest quality tuning solutions. No compromise on the materials used and the work to make the products. Acquired know-how and research and development have given the possibility to obtain unique solutions. The sporting pedals, the door sills and external aesthetic kits such as the front shields in stainless steel AISI 316L or the adhesive foils in different finishes (carbon fiber, satin aluminum, etc.) are made to make your car more attractive, so that it can reflect your personality. In addition to design, the interest of GIGA-RACE is also to test and verify continuously that the solutions adopted perfectly meet the performance requirements to resist inside and outside the car, both in summer and winter in a lasting and not only for a few weeks after installation. The strength, moreover, that allowed GIGA-RACE to grow is the customization requested by customers. This is our real winning bet. Thanks also to your ideas and your feedbacks, GIGA-RACE can guarantee to everyone unique and inimitable solutions. Thousands of positive feedbacks received from customers are the image of GIGA-RACE. Thank you all for trusting us.

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